Distorted Opinions: 2 Year Anniversary

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This is it! Episode 104. The two year anniversary show! We talk about the Top Gun: Maverick soundtrack (don't worry, no spoliers) and recap the last two years of the show. This is our final episode for a while, as we're taking a much needed break to recharge, but this isn't our final episode. We will be back. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can keep up to speed on all of the happenings during the hiatus and know when we plan to return. If you want to get in touch with us or find us online, head to https://linktr.ee/distortedopinions. As always, find our Spotify Song of the Week playlist at https://bit.ly/distortedops_songoftheweek. Thanks for the support these last two years and we hope you'll join us again when we return!

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